Victims And Witnesses of Taeyeon’s Car Accident Reveal Alleged Unfair Treatment

Taeyeon’s car accident has become a hot topic as many alleged witnesses came forth with their own story.

Do to various claims, Taeyeon was suspected to have received special treatment because she was a celebrity.

But the complete truth came out when true witnesses clarified the facts about the accident.

Here is the complete detailed order of events.

Taeyeon Is Accused Of Special Celebrity Treatment 

Soon after news broke about Taeyeon’s accident, an Instagram post from the user “@reumdal_” accused her of receiving special treatment because of her popular status.

“I really didn’t want to post something like this after an accident, but I’m so pissed off.

[Taeyeon] hit two cars that were stopped on the street, which caused both the front and back windows of the middle car to break and airbags to deploy.

It was so bad that there were glass shards all over and inside our body.

But because she was a famous idol, [the ambulance] took her to the hospital first.”

— @reumdal_

Along with a photo from the accident, the post accused the reporting officials of mistreating the victims of the accident.

“They told the victims to wait.

The injured patient from the [Audi] was hit with the force of two cars, but the police and ambulance crew asked if he really had to go to the hospital.

They didn’t even check [Taeyeon]’s alcohol level.”

— @reumdal_

“They brushed off the taxi driver’s bleeding neck as just a scratch.

The taxi driver asked if he can sit down in the ambulance for a bit to find stability, but the ambulance team said he couldn’t because [Taeyeon] had to get on.”

— @reumdal_ 

“[Taeyeon] got out of her car and asked if everyone was alright as she patted them on the back as if they were her servants.

When we got to the emergency room, one of the officers laughed as he wondered if he could take a picture with her.

One of the nurses concluded that the roads must have been slippery and asked if [Taeyeon] would be coming too.

What kind of situation is this?

These people vowed to save lives but they completely ignored the patients and took care of the celebrity first.

That’s really great. It’s great to be a popular celebrity. #Taeyeon #CarAccident”

— @reumdal_ 

After hearing the alleged account of what happened, netizens were furious at the mistreatment of victims.

Source: Nate Pann

“I would be really pissed off too. But Taeyeon was hurt too, and it’s not like she requested that she be treated first. So, to say that the emergency staff acted the way they did because Taeyeon’s a celebrity and to say that her alcohol levels weren’t tested is kind of strange.”

— @0805_0530

Another Witness Claims That The Accuser Is Lying

After the Instagram post sparked a debate, another witness posted to Facebook claiming that it was all a lie.

“I’m a witness.

There’s been a lot of talk, but Taeyeon was shocked by the accident and was working on getting her insurance worked out.

The police and the ambulance came later.

The drivers and the passengers were standing outside as they waited for the ambulance.

The airbags on the driver’s side of Taeyeon’s car all deployed, so she was sitting down due to the chest pains and dizziness from the fumes.

But she continued to get her insurance in order.”

— Witness On Facebook

Source: Minomino

He then clarified how the reporting officers conducted their investigation by providing photos as well.

“When the ambulance arrived later, the rescue team first took care of the injured party.

Everyone was whispering about Taeyeon being a celebrity, but the rescue team took care of all the preliminary care of all the parties involved before asking if she was a celebrity.”

— Witness On Facebook

Source: Minomino

And he claimed that Taeyeon didn’t receive any special celebrity treatment.

“Taeyon didn’t ride the ambulance or go anywhere near it.

Her manager came and she went to the hospital in her manager’s car.

And as soon as the police arrived, the police gathered all of the drivers including Taeyeon together for a sobriety test. None of them were driving under the influence of alcohol.”

— Witness On Facebook

“The taxi driver was bleeding, but instead of worrying about getting on the ambulance, he was more worried about getting his car insurance figured out.

He said he was alright and told the ambulance to move on.”

— Witness On Facebook

“Lastly, I talked with Taeyeon and she was shaking as she worried about the injured drivers and passengers.

I’m writing this all down in hopes of clarifying any misunderstandings.”

— Witness On Facebook

In an official interview with YTN Star, the witness farther clarified that Taeyeon didn’t receive special treatment.

“I was there since the accident occurred.

Taeyeon contacted her manager as she waited for her insurance to be processed.

Then the ambulance arrived and the rescue team checked out the victims as soon as they arrived.

Taeyeon was shaking terribly as she worried about the victims.

Her manager soon arrived and took care of the situation.”

— Witness on Facebook 

Official Parties Make Statements To Clarify The Facts

Official response teams released their statements to clarify their account of the accident.

“We treated Taeyeon first at the scene of the accident because she was classified as an emergency patient due to her chest pains.

We believe the witnesses saw this and believed that we were worried about her first.

After checking Taeyeon’s injuries, we took the victims to the hospital in the ambulance.

Taeyeon didn’t go to the hospital.”

— Gangnam Fire Department Representative

The rescue teams didn’t respond to Taeyeon first because she was a celebrity but because she reported chest pains.

Those experiencing chest pains from a car accident require immediate attention as it may cause fatal injuries.

Rescue teams are trained to respond to patients with chest pains first.

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