VICTON’s Agency Explicitly Calls out Sasaengs, Refers to Them as “Attackers” and “Assailants”

Play M Entertainment provided photographic evidence of the sasaengs’ unacceptable behavior.

VICTON‘s agency, Play M Entertainment recently made an announcement calling out sasaengs, and it’s become a hot topic of conversation online due to how refreshing netizens find it.

The agency first apologized for making such an unpleasant announcement ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays and proceeded to address the issues VICTON has been facing due to sasaengs.

Despite the announcement we made last November, some fans have been visiting the artists’ personal space such as their accomodation, practice rooms, and offices, and even following them during their personal time.

The acts of utilizing the personal space of the artists and causing discomfort to other people in the neighborhood, going up and down in the same elevators as the artists, and trying to call them when they’re on live broadcast as soon as they get home are getting worse over time, and as a result, the harm it’s putting on the artists’ mental health is getting worse as well. The persons involved will no longer stop at warnings and use the circumstantial evidence gathered below to take legal action.

– Play M Entertainment

Along with the announcement, Play M Entertainment attached photos of the said sasaengs and explicitly called them out on their actions.

The behavior of idling around the members’ accomodation or the elevator.

The behavior of following around the members during their personal time.

The behavior of idling in the parking lot of the members’ practice room.

What caught the attention of many netizens was the following passage where Play M Entertainment referred to the sasaengs as “attackers” and “assailants” who should no longer be able to hide behind their excuse of being fans.

Unfortunately, we still have no choice but to call them “fans” or “sasaengs”, but we will be sure to take strict action so that the attackers and assailants will no longer be able to hide behind their excuse of being fans.

– Play M Entertainment

The agency then proceeded to announce that VICTON will be on vacation with their families for the Lunar New Year holidays and requested that fans allow the members to have a comfortable time without unneeded disturbance.

The VICTON members plan to spend time with their families this Lunar New Year. We’d like to ask fans once more to help the members have a comfortable holidays so that they can recharge and return to you all healthy and well.

– Play M Entertainment

Source: The Qoo