VICTON’s Byungchan To Sit Out On “Continuous” Promotions Due To Worsening Symptoms

Feel better soon!!

Back on March 9, VICTON‘s agency, Play M Entertainment, announced that member Byungchan had been dealing with pains due to a herniated disc in his neck and would thus be performing seated for the group’s upcoming performances for the release of their sixth mini album, Continuous, and for their new song, “Howling”.

They later gave an update of his condition on March 11, stating that he’d been further diagnosed with asradiculpathy (pinched nerve) and, because of the pain he was dealing with, underwent surgery on March 10. Because of this, the company said he is supposed to avoid strenuous movement and that they would let fans know how he’s doing soon.

As of now, on March 18, the company once again came forward to speak up about the idol’s health. Unfortunately, his pain has continued to worsen and Byungchan was advised to get “sufficient rest” to help him heal.

In order to allow Byungchan the time he needs to recover, Play M Entertainment has made the decision to keep the idol out of all current promotions for the time being. While it’s unfortunate that he has to take a break and sad for fans that want to see him, it’s very important that Byungchan does all he needs to get healthy quickly.

The company apologized for their decision, but most people probably agree that it’s for the best. Fans took to social media to express their well-wishes for the idol.

Get well soon, Byungchan!