VICTON Gives A Special Shoutout to Han Seungwoo After Getting Their First Win

Congratulations, VICTON!

VICTON recently took home their first win on The Show with their new song “Good Night”. This is their first music show since their debut three years ago. The group was up against tough competition but they managed to rise above the ranks.

While the members gave their winning speech, they made sure to call out a special someone; their leader, Han Seungwoo, who is currently promoting as a member of X1, the winning group from Produce X 101. They called out to him, saying,

Seungwoo hyung, we got first place!

The members also made sure to thank their fans and their company.

VICTON recently gained popularity following the appearance of Han Seungwoo and Choi Byungchan. Though Choi Byungchan withdrew from the show, Han Seungwoo was able to make it to the final debut lineup.

Source: Naver