Video footage released of car hitting old couple before Sweet Sorrow’s In Ho Jin and manager steps in

After the hit-and-run incident news in which Sweet Sorrow‘s manager and In Ho Jin chased after the driver after witnessing the accident, SBS revealed a footage from the incident.

At 12:37AM KST on February 19th, a driver named Kwon was involved in a hit-and-run incident where he ran into a 55 year old couple. Across the street, Sweet Sorrow’s In Ho Jin and his manager chased after the driver and stopped in front of the culprit’s vehicle.

SBS news revealed a video of the incident which was taken from the black box of a car that was present during the occurrence. The clip clearly shows the couple walking across the street late at night when the speeding car zoomed past at 50 km/h.

Kwon was deemed to be drunk driving at a blood alcohol percentage of 0.166%, and he was later quoted saying he had no idea he had hit anyone, but thought he had hit a trashcan. The injured couple has been sent to the hospital, while the driver has been charged for hit-and-run. The husband had a head injury, while the wife suffered from a serious leg injury.

The black box captured-scene can be viewed below:

Source: SBS and Korea Times