[★VIDEO] Lovelyz Jin rushed to hospital after performing on stage with severe stomach pain

Currently in the middle of ongoing promotions for their debut release, Lovelyz member Jin was rushed to the hospital on November 21st after experiencing great stomach pains.

Woollim Entertainment stated to TV Report that “Jin was experiencing stomach pains but insisted that she would go on stage at KBS2 Music Bank.” In order to respect her wishes, they allowed her to perform but throughout the performance it was evident to some that something was off.

It was evident that Jin was in pain during their performance, but managed to continue with the performance smoothly. An official stated “She completed the stage but on air it must have looked like there were other problems. When she came down she was in great pain. They quickly rushed her to the hospital and we will take proper measures after we are able to diagnose the source of her pain.” 

Meanwhile, on November 20th it was revealed that fellow member Jisoo was released from the hospital after going there for psychological stress due to unproven accusations of sexual and verbal abuse.

You can check out Lovelyz’s performance at Music Bank below:


Source: TV Report