Viewers Can’t Relate To This Scene From “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”

Which option would you choose?

A scene in an episode of Hometown Cha Cha Cha has left viewers playfully debtating. In one of the episode flashbacks, the main character, Yoon Hye Jin, as played by Shin Min Ah, hurts the back of her foot due to her new shoes.

Her kind sunbae, Ji Seong Hyun, played by Lee Sang Yi, happens to pass by. He sincerely praises her for a job well done when she reveals to him that she spent two months worth of her pay on the expensive shoes. Treat yo’ self, he said!

He quickly solves her problem by applying a handy bandaid for her as well.

Things could’ve ended there, but he went one step further and crinkled up her heels to “wear them in” a little so that they would hurt less. Good intentions, but was it the best solution? They’re expensive!

Instead of rolling her eyes at the man, she thanks him happily and they prance off in to the sunset together. Er okay, for a meal.

Viewers were stumped at his actions. Why would you crinkle up expensive and new shoes? A netizen posted the scene on an online forum and asked others if they would 1, act like Hye Jin did and thank him, or 2, scream at him for ruining her new shoes. Needless to say, many went with the latter.

  • “2, you f*cker…”
  • “2 he’s nuts… Go buy another pair for her”
  • “22222 Who the f*ck are you”
  • “222 Imma kill him fr”
  • “He’s nuts kkk wtf is he doing.”
  • “Isn’t he nuts? New shoes? And they even cost two months of pay???”
  • “222222 f*ck”
  • “2 What is he doing…”
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What would you do? We’d definitely think twice about the friendship.

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