Viewers Are Falling In Love With This “Produce 48” Trainee, Just From An Episode Preview

Viewers are now calling her the “visual-shock” of this season!

Now that the trainees on Produce 48 are divided into smaller groups, viewers expect some good group battles on the next episode. And with each episode, viewers discover new faces and talents to support!


For the third episode, or the two minute previews of it, it was Yuehua Entertainment‘s Wang Yiren who stood out and charmed the viewers.

She trained with Yuehua Entertainment for a little over a year before appearing on Produce 48.


In her group performance of Red Velvet‘s “Peek-A-Boo”, Wang Yiren took the center position and wowed the viewers as soon as the song’s intro began to play.

The judges and her fellow trainees seemed amazed by the quality of the performance!


Wang Yiren shined on stage and the viewers definitely took notice.

  • “She is sooooooo beautiful.”

  • “Doesn’t she remind you of Irene, maybe 10 years younger?”

  • “Even her outfit game is spot on.”

  • “Her face is glowing on stage!”

  • “She’s such a visual shock. I can’t wait until the actual episode.


Some Korean viewers grew concerned about her language skills, as Wang Yiren is Chinese and does not speak Korean that well. They do, however, look forward to seeing her improve and hope she stays strong in the competition.

  • “I love everything about her, but she doesn’t speak Korean at all… I don’t know if I can pick her.”

  • “I hope she practices Korean a lot while she’s here, so it doesn’t affect her game.”

  • “It surprised me when she started singing. She needs a lot of work on her pronunciation.”


As of now, Wang Yiren has a C rank and has kept her spot in the Top 12, placing #11 after Episode 1, #7 after Episode 2, and #9 after Episode 3.

Viewers believe she has great potential to win the competition as a member of the debuting group!


Watch a preview of Wang Yi Ren’s “Peek-A-Boo” performance and her individual eye contact camera below!

Source: THEQOO