“Vincenzo” Actress Kim Yeo Jin’s Duality Shocks Fans With Her Vogue Photoshoot

“She’s like 48 going 28!”

Actress Kim Yeo Jin, known for roles in popular K-Dramas such as Vincenzo and Itaewon Class, has shocked fans with her duality! Though we all know her to be a very versatile actress, a recent photoshoot surprised netizens.

Having just watched her portray an evil ahjumma (middle-aged) prosecutor in Vincenzo, many were stunned by Kim Yeo Jin’s transformation for her appearance in the June issue of Vogue Korea.

  • “I think she’s 48 but look at her..so gorgeous. Her duality tho I hated her sm in the drama”
  • “What the…!! She’s like 48 going 28!!! Whatever she is doing and eating bring it on Girl!! Zumba, let’s Salsa!!”
  • “How is this possible[?] She’s so hot omfg”
  • “i should also start doing zumba for glow up”

Talk about a glow-up! Her stunning visuals have us captivated.

Kim Yeo Jin has gained further respect from K-Drama fans. They recognize her talent and hard work as she commits to her roles.

Source: Twitter, Naver, 935 Entertainment and Netflix
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