“Vincenzo” Actor Kim Young Woong Reveals How Nervous He Was When He Asked Song Joong Ki For A Favor

He was super nervous when asking him for the favor!

Actor Kim Young Woong recently talked about his friendship with Song Joong Ki, and shared how thankful he is for his kindness!

Kim Young Woong, who is known for his portrayal of the gangster Park Seok Do in popular K-Drama Vincenzo, recently made an appearance on every1’s Video Star.

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On the show, he shared what his schedule has been like post-Vincenzo!

We finished filming the drama last week. So I’ve been spending my time doing the dishes and cleaning. I’ve been receiving a lot of scripts after finishing Vincenzo.

—Kim Young Woong

As he talked about Vincenzo on the show, he received a call from “Vincenzo” himself! Song Joong Ki made a surprise phone call appearance on the show, and while hyping up his fellow actor and hyung, revealed all the cast members clapped when they found out that Kim Young Woong had received the request to be on the show!


The more you talk with Kim Young Woong, the more content will come out. He is a really charismatic hyung. He is a fun guy.

When we heard he was going on the show we all clapped because we felt that he would become a hot issue if he made an appearance.

—Song Joong Ki

Kim Young Woong then admitted that it was actually hard for him to ask Song Joong Ki to make a phone call appearance on the show, and shared how thankful he was for the favor!

Truthfully, it was hard to ask him for this favor so I am really thankful.

—Kim Young Woong

While poking fun at him for being so nervous about it, Song Joong Ki shared his reaction to his appearing on the show, revealing that he was more than glad to do it!

I laughed so much when he first asked me to do this favor. I could see just how much he thought about it before asking”.

[I said] “What’s wrong with that? It sounds really fun to me? Call me!”

—Song Joong Ki

Kim Young Woong then ended the call by relaying his gratitude to Song Joong Ki, expressing how he wants to meet him again on set as co-actors!

I was so happy to have acted with you in such a great drama. I hope our relationship goes until the end and I will try to become a better actor so we can meet again on set.

—Kim Young Woong

Source: Insight Korea
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