VIPs outraged at “The Fact” for using G-Dragon’s photo in cocaine drug scandal

The Fact is receiving severe criticism after using a photo of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in their recent drug bust report. 

On June 26th, The Fact broke headlines as they published a report about top idols involved in a drug bust involving cocaine at Incheon International Airport. However, as the story progressed, fans of the singer were enraged after the news agency featured the story with G-Dragon’s image.

The image, while heavily edited is still a photo of G-Dragon as hawk-eyed fans noticed immediately and began showing their dissatisfaction.

Although G-Dragon has been involved in a marijuana scandal in the past, the article has no mention of the artist’s identity in Gye Eun Sook’s arrest.

Since the drug bust, the prosecutors filed an arrest warrant for “A,” a concert staff member from a major label, after testing  positive, while an idol “B” from the same label is considered as a top level artist. Following the report, a number of speculations worried the entertainment industry as the investigation progresses to find the identity of the alleged singer from the said major label.

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