Virtual Influencer Rozy Made Over A Million Dollars From Advertisements Last Year

“Forever 22.”

Virtual influencer Rozy is making headlines for how much she made last year.

Rozy for magazine W Korea | @rozy.gram/Instagram

After making her debut in July of 2021 through a Shinhan Life advertisement, the virtual model has become a significant success, even releasing a single album titled Who Am AI last month.

Rozy | @rozy.gram/Instagram

Asia Economy reported on March 30, that Rozy had in total advertised for over 100 companies and is estimated to have made over ₩15.0 billion KRW (about $12.3 million USD).

Rozy | @rozy.gram/Instagram

According to creators, Sidus Studio X, the forever 22-year-old model, has become a favorite in the advertisement industry because more focus is given to the product and the fact the model isn’t a liability for controversy.

Rozy | @rozy.gram/Instagram

This is in stark contrast to the many controversies plaguing real-life models in Korea over the past year.

Furthermore, Chosun Biz reports that the CEO of the studio behind Rozy is planning to debut a three-member virtual male idol group.

How do you feel about Virtual influencers and Virtual idol groups?

Source: Wikitree
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