VIVIZ’s Eunha Sends The Internet Into Meltdown Wearing A Sexy Outfit During A Recent Music Show

The revealing look showcased a new side to the usually adorable Eunha!

Although the world of K-Pop seems extremely progressive, Korean society is still quite traditional in its expectations of idols, particularly when it comes to the idea of fashion. Recently, VIVIZ‘s Eunha stole the hearts of netizens with a recent outfit that definitely was definitely shocking.

VIVIZ’s Eunha | @rlo.ldl/Instagram

Since debuting as part of GFRIEND and recently with VIVIZ, Eunha has always gained attention for her pure and innocent looks. In particular, her recent short haircut and choice of clothing have definitely been adorable.

| @rlo.ldl/Instagram
| @rlo.ldl/Instagram
| @rlo.ldl/Instagram

VIVIZ recently made a comeback with their track “LOVEADE,” and it truly exudes summer vibes which are perfect for this time of year. It also showcases the members dressed perfectly for the weather.

| BPM Entertainment/YouTube
| BPM Entertainment/YouTube   

Like all groups, VIVIZ has been promoting the summer track on various music shows. It was during the July 12 episode of SBS‘s The Show where Eunha gained attention for a bold transformation with an outfit showing her back.

During the performance, all the members truly shined with their amazing talent, dazzling visuals, and charisma.

Yet, it was Eunha who really caught the attention of netizens. In the performance, the idol showcased her new long locks and an outfit that truly shined, including black shorts and a white bodysuit.

In particular, the photos from the show shocked fans as, when Eunha turned around, it showed that the back of the top was only a thin strap, showcasing the idol’s beautiful figure.

Images posted by the media caught the attention of social media, showcasing the intricate details of the outfit that were definitely hot AF and not usually seen on Korean music shows.

Although reports claim that some Korean netizens were confused by the outfit, comparing it to underwear, Western fans couldn’t get enough of Eunha’s look.

As more and more photos were posted of the outfit, netizens couldn’t get over the look and loved how different it was from the idol’s previous styling. On Twitter, over one thousand fans couldn’t stop praising the idol for her dazzling visuals and the way she rocked the outfit.

Eunha isn’t the only idol who has wowed with sexy looks. In recent months, the likes of (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon and Yuqi, along with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie have broken traditional Korean expectations to showcase their confidence.

Soyeon wowed with the “underboob” trend | Y Magazine
Yuqi shared this photo which was deemed “revealing” | Weibo
Jennie wowed for “W Korea” with the sexy photoshoot

Eunha truly looked sexy and sophisticated in her recent look and it was refreshing to see a female idol take a risk with her stage outfit.

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