VIVIZ’s SinB, Eunha, And Umji Ask Former GFRIEND’s Sowon To Pick A Bias, And She Has The Best Answer

We 100% agree!

Can’t pick a VIVIZ bias? Former GFRIEND‘s Sowon can relate because she can’t pick a bias either!

Former GFRIEND’s Sowon | @onedayxne/Instagram

VIVIZ’s SinB, Eunha, and Umji recently appeared on KBS Cool FM’s Station Z, and Sowon called the radio show while they were on air.

| 표테이토/YouTube

During Sowon’s call, Eunha asked Sowon who her bias in VIVIZ is.

| Gfriend’s은하수/YouTube 

Sowon had the perfect, most relatable answer. She said she couldn’t choose a bias because she liked all the members and she wasn’t a “solo stan.” 

The VIVIZ members seemed touched by Sowon’s answer, and Umji said that her answer was cute. All 3 members’ facial expressions showed how moved they were by Sowon’s response.

Sowon expanded on her statement about her bias by saying that she believed each of the 3 members have their own “different charms.”

Sowon also said that asking her to choose a VIVIZ bias was like asking her to choose between her mother and father.

Sowon’s answer showed just how much she loves her former GFRIEND members. Like us, she knows each member has their own unique charms, and she can’t pick a favorite!

See the full clip below.

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