VIXX Delivers 580 Million Won Worth Of Donated Goods To Children

The members personally delivered the donations.

VIXX is making news for their most recent heartwarming deed. The group participated in the Clothing Exhibition of Love with the school uniform brand Student Ivy Club and the Korea Volunteer Center Association. The event took place in Gyeonggi Province where the group personally delivered 580 million won (~$535,000 USD) worth of donations to 50 junior high and high school students.

VIXX has been a model for the Ivy Club since last year, through their participation they have been actively communicating and sharing with young people.

When they made the delivery, VIXX was really excited and told the event coordinators, “Thank you for inviting us here so that we can show our hearts and goodwill. We are really happy to be able to share these donations with you.

This isn’t the first time that VIXX has done good deeds. The group also donated eco bags and pouches to the developmental disabilities youth orchestra last year. The members are also doing charity work individually. This year, N worked together with the Korean Habitat Association to promote regular savings through the Happy Bean campaign. Leo is actively participating in a campaign for children and Ravi is spreading awareness for homeless animals by taking pictures of dogs on the street.

Source: Chosun