VIXX Immediately Mobbed And Groped Upon Arriving In Chile

It’s super scary!

Idols are no strangers to overly-excited fans, but sometimes fans can take it too far. VIXX headed to Chile for KBS Music Bank, but upon arriving things turned sour for the singers.


At the airport exit, fans were so excited to see them that they invaded their space. The fans surged on the boys as a giant mob and began to touch them.


They didn’t even seem to notice that the boys were very uncomfortable. VIXX tried to hurry past and avoid all the hands reaching out to them but because there were so many people it was almost impossible.


They even struggled to get into their van!


Other fans are not happy with how things went down in Chile and have taken to social media to express their disappointment.


Thankfully, VIXX reached their destination and are safe! Watch the full video of the mob below:

Source: @kimjyans