VIXX’s Hyuk Injured During Japanese Concert, Currently Resting After Being Rushed To Hospital

VIXX’s Hyuk was rushed to the hospital after an injury during their recent Japanese concert.

VIXX‘s Hyuk was reportedly injured during their recent concert in Japan. According to their label, he was injured by a concert equipment. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and is now back at the dorm to rest.

Nothing has been decided about whether Hyuk will participate in the remaining concerts and other immediate activities.

Jellyfish Entertainment made an announcement through VIXX’s fan page to update on Hyuk’s current situation.

“This is Jellyfish Japan.

First, we would like to apologize for making fans worry over Hyuk’s accident. We write this in hopes to help alleviate the fans’ worries by updating everyone on the current situation.

Today (May 2nd), Hyuk was injured from an equipment used for the concert stage. He was immediately rushed to the hospital to receive examinations and treatment. He’s currently back at his dorm and resting.

We are unable to update you on more information as it will take time before the specific results are out.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who came out to see the concert despite your busy schedules, and we’d also like to apologize to those abroad who worried for Hyuk after hearing the news.

We will work hard to update farther on Hyuk’s recuperation process.

We’ll also make an official announcement through our homepage after we make a decision about the following concerts and activities.

Thank you.”

— Jellyfish Entertainment