VIXX’s Hyuk To Perform at Concert After Recovering From Eye Surgery

Feel better soon, Hyuk!

Retinal detachment suddenly topped the charts on Korean search engines due to the news of VIXX Hyuk‘s eye surgery announcement.

Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement regarding Hyuk and his eye surgery.

They stated that he had been feeling discomfort in his eye around August and upon visiting the hospital, was confirmed that he had retinal detachment.

He needed to undergo surgery right away, causing him to cancel all his schedules at the time. He is currently recovering well from the surgery and will be participating in the upcoming concerts at the end of this month after talking with his doctor.

He had worried fans previously during a party for the drama, “The Great Show,” due to his eye patch.

VIXX will be holding their solo concert, VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [PARALLEL], on September 28-29 at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.

We hope Hyuk gets better soon!

Source: newspic