VIXX’s Leo Was Accused Of Drunk-Tweeting After His Unusual Spree of Tweets

No one expected Leo’s tweets!

Leo was accused of being drunk while he tweeted out a series of emotional tweets about VIXX.


He first tweeted that he missed VIXX as he was re-watching old videos of their time together.


He soon followed up with a video of the members fooling around backstage.

“Like this one☺️I miss it” — Leo


The video showed Hyuk and Ken hosting a live chat with fans as they joked around with each other.


As Leo doesn’t usually tweet such sentimental messages about his members, fans wondered if he was drunk!


Leo soon clarified that he was completely sober! He was only reminiscing about their time together while working on a project.

“Oh myㅋㅋ I was working on a project. I don’t drink, STARLIGHTs! I was caught up in the emotions while working. Don’t worryㅋㅋㅋ”

— Leo


VIXX’s most recent project together was “WALKING”, a fan-song created to reminisce about their time together before the members start enlisting.


N was the first member to enlist, as he entered training on March 4. Other members will be following N within this year and the next.


Although it’ll be a couple of years until VIXX is back together again, fans will be waiting patiently for their long-awaited return!


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