VIXX N’s Niece Visits Him At The Military Base And Updates Fans On How He’s Doing

They’re the cutest uncle-niece pair.

VIXX‘s N enlisted in the military to serve his duty on March 4, 2019. Since then, N’s fans have kept up with how he’s doing in the army through pictures from the training camp and more.


His most recent update came from a visit at the base by his most beloved niece. The girl posed in the cutest picture together with him. And fans are relieved to see that both N and the niece are doing great! The niece seems super happy to see her favorite K-Pop uncle and it is making N’s fans UWU hard.


N has always been a great uncle to this adorable little girl. Fans can’t believe how much she grew up since they first got to see her, coddled in N’s arms like his own baby.


VIXX fans continue to countdown patiently for the end of N’s military service. Meanwhile, they remain hopeful they’ll get to see more of this UWU uncle-niece pair!