VIXX’s Ravi And Chungha Pose For Instagram And We Want More Of This Friendship

They look too cute together!

Earlier this year, VIXX‘s Ravi and Chungha collaborated on a song called “Live”. In his most recent Instagram upload, Ravi shared a picture of himself reunited with Chungha – and now the fans are in love with how this beautiful friendship stayed strong!


Ravi wrote in the caption for this IG update, “I finally got to hand Chungha the album with ‘Live’ on it. Sorry!” He also tagged a congratulatory message to Chungha’s fans for her recent win with “Snapping”.


In the series of pictures posted by Ravi, the two friends are holding each other’s signed CDs and making cheeky faces at the camera. Ravi and Chungha fans can’t help but notice how good these two look together!


This isn’t the first time Ravi and Chungha boasted their stellar visuals in one frame. Fans still look back to this badass-vibe filled picture that Ravi dropped when he first announced the upcoming collaboration with Chungha…


… and this one from when they had recorded the song together. The pictures gleamed with so much chemistry and fans could only guess how much musical connection there must have been – but it ultimately showed in the way their voices harmonized with each other’s in the song!


Listen to their collab track “Live” in this interview video: