VIXX’s Ravi Remixes An Entire Song For Mint Chocolate Ice Cream… And It’s Actually Fire

Who could hate mint chocolate after listening to this?

Although created in the United Stated with 31 flavors, Baskin Robbins has become extremely popular in South Korea. In fact, it could be argued that Baskin Robbins is more popular in Korea than it is in its home country!

| 배스킨라빈스/YouTube

While the store began with 31 flavors, it has now created well over 1,000 flavors, many of which are seasonal or regional. Recently, Baskin Robbins Korea has released its newest flavor: Mint Choco Bon Bon! It is mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate bonbons (similar to truffles) mixed in.

| 배스킨라빈스/YouTube

VIXX’s Ravi recently released a mint chocolate chip version of his popular song “범” (Bom) which features Chillin Homie and Kid Milli. Instead of singing “Bom, Bom,” which is an older Korean word meaning tiger, the remix sings “Bon Bon, Bon Bon,” which is the name of the new flavor.

The new song also changed the lyrics to promote the flavor in a fun way. Ravi especially disses the people who don’t like mint as it is a heated debate in Korea. The song sings lines like, “Mint chocolate dominates the world,” “Let’s admit it, mint is the trend now,” “Grab a mint choco bon bon and hit the road,” and “Try it, I’m sure that you’ll admit it’s good.

| 배스킨라빈스/YouTube

The video also changed its visuals by having everyone enjoying the ice cream instead of just dancing.

The video has received nearly 2 million views in just a week and went viral in Korea. Check it out below!