VIXX Reunites On VLIVE For The First Time Since 2019 – Fans Can’t Help But Be Emotional

Nothing has changed.

VIXX reunited on VLIVE for the first time in years, and fans couldn’t help but feel emotional as they saw all five members in the same frame together.

VIXX’s latest comeback was the single “Walking,” which was intended to both thank and cheer up fans before members N and Leo enlisted in military service.

Since then, N and Ravi left Jellyfish Entertainment but remain a part of VIXX. Ravi has focused on solo music, while N has been focusing on acting.

VIXX’s Ravi | @ravithecrackkidz/Instagram
VIXX’s N | @achahakyeon/Instagram

Leo released his first solo comeback after his military discharge with “I’m Still Here” in 2021.

VIXX’s Leo | @leo_jungtw/Instagram

Ken also entered military service and, after his discharge, starred in the musical Excalibur, playing the role of King Arthur.

VIXX’s Ken | @keken_0406/Instagram

Like N, Hyuk is focusing on his acting career.

VIXX’s Hyuk | @hsh0705/Instagram

When VIXX announced that they would be reuniting for their first group VLIVE in two years, fans were ecstatic. The last full group VLIVE, which included former member Hongbin, was in January of 2019. And the most recent VLIVE with more than one member was a VLIVE with Ken and Hyuk in 2020 to celebrate the group’s eight-year anniversary.

So, understandably, fans were excited to see the five members in the same frame together again.

It was an emotional VLIVE for both fans that had been waiting for the group to reunite…

And for new fans who hadn’t been able to see any new content of the idols together.

Fans were incredibly emotional about being able to hear VIXX’s greeting again.

And were equally amused and sentimental over how the members’ interactions with each other hadn’t changed one bit.

Like their seeming penchant for chaos.

Their frequent side conversations during the VLIVE.

Their teasing exclusion of N while he’s trying to talk.

And all the rest of their familiar habits made fans emotional, seeing them once again.

The VLIVE was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for their fans…

Who will hopefully have a lot to look forward to in the near future.