VIXX’s Hongbin Angers Netizens After Behaving Rudely And Flipping Off Viewers During Live Broadcast

Many believe Leo took it upon himself to apologize for his groupmate’s actions.

VIXX‘s Hongbin angered netizens after doing a livestream while drunk and behaving rudely, which included the singer flipping viewers off.

Source: The Qoo

Fans of the group were especially shocked by Hongbin’s behavior because it’s out of character based on his clean-cut idol image. Known as the group’s visual, he usually has a charming demeanor.

Source: The Qoo

As a group, VIXX is known as concept kings and despite usually embracing darker themes leans toward having a more sophisticated, grown-up image. Korean netizens have been responding to Hongbins livestream with comments such as:

  • F*cking hate thisㅋㅋㅋ You shouldn’t associate yourself with people like this
  • I’ve been kind of a fan of him in the past but is this even the same person? He just looks like someone completely differentㅠㅠㅠ
  • Did he quit VIXX? Why is he acting like that?
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After the incident occurred, member Leo posted to Twitter telling fans. “Please relax and have sweet dreams I’m sorry my muses~”, which led fans to believe he was trying to reassure them and apologize on Hongbin’s behalf.

What do you think of Hongbin’s actions? Do you think Leo was apologizing on his behalf, or posting about something unrelated?

Source: The Qoo