VIXX’s Leo and Ken Reunite With N For Lunch

Leo’s tweet about the get together caused fans to cry in Starlight

It all started with a tweet from VIXX‘s Leo, showing that he and Ken reunited over lunch with group leader N, who has been enlisted in the military since March 4.

Starlights were delighted by the frankness of Leo’s tongue-in-cheek caption in which he joked that he had fun, but N still talks a lot. Once the realization of how long it had been since these three were last pictured together settled in, everyone began freaking out, with some proclaiming to cry in Starlight.

Fans were touched seeing Ken and Leo spend time with N during his military enlistment, praising the strength of their friendship. They also left encouraging comments for N, letting him know that he was missed.

We miss you, too, N! We’re sure VIXX appreciates all the love they receive from their Starlights while on hiatus.