VIXX’s Ravi To Go On Solo Tour Of Canada In October

Are you planning on attending one of Ravi’s shows?

Ravi, who is still a member of VIXX despite not renewing his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment, will be going on tour in Canada, not as “VIXX Ravi” but as Ravi, an artist from GROOVL1N, his newly established record label.

GROOVL1N artists Cold Bay and Xydo will be accompanying him on tour, which means fans can reasonably expect a live performance of “Fashionable” which features the three artists.

Ravi will be making stops in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. Tickets are available for sale through Event Brite Canada and MRG Concerts.


It’s a great time to be a Canadian K-Pop fan, as Ravi’s Jellyfish Entertainment junior group The VERIVERY performed in Toronto earlier this month!