BTS Writes A New Letter To ARMY About Stories, Love, And Hope

In a new letter to ARMY, the members talk about the importance of stories in our lives.

In times of fear and uncertainty, we need stories. Stories comfort and inspire, give hope and spread love, much like BTS does.

In a new letter to ARMY, the members talk about the importance of stories that give us the courage to overcome difficulties in the present and face the unknown future. For BTS, their stories are their songs.

“We all grow up with stories. Sometimes, they are fairy tales read to us as we are tucked into bed, coaxed into our blankets with the promise of magic…”

“…or victorious heroes overcoming difficulties with remarkable resilience and strength.”

“At other times, they are stories in the media: movies and sitcoms, news articles, or the latest release from our favorite artists. These stories are voices we hear day today as we grow up, instilling values within us, and shaping the way we see the world.”

| @bts_twt/Twitter

“The world isn’t too perfect right now. Times are hard and fast-changing. We, too, have struggled in the hardships of this year and have had to abandon our plans. We were disheartened and upset.”

“There would be no tours. Opportunities to share our passion and efforts with the fans who so fervently support us were seized from us for an indefinite period of time.”

“We still think about our February album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, and how dearly we wish we could have performed ON on stage among blaring cheers, blazing lights, thunderous drums, and the shouts of tens of thousands singing along.”

“We put in our all, and our fans would have loved it. We share with the world these feelings of disappointment, loss, and void. We understand the difficulties, even if we cannot fathom their depth. Regardless, we stand with you.”

“As seven young men telling our own story of growth through our medium of choice — music — we dared not imagine from the start that so many from all over the world would relate to and share our message.”

| @bts_twt/Twitter 

“We have been deeply fortunate with the love we have and still do receive. It is love so great that it still sometimes feels surreal.”

“How could we have imagined we would be touring stadiums across the globe and hearing uncountable masses of all ages and nationalities echoing our songs back to us? It’s a feeling more brilliant than words can describe.”

“We grew to become so much more than we had hoped. And as more and more people sing and dance to our music, we grow not only more thankful but also more aware that there are so many people out there who are influenced and inspired by our words and messages.”

“We, BTS, are just seven young men growing and learning like everyone else in the world, but we wish to tell you: hope is everywhere — keep going.”

| GQ Magazine

“Although we did not get to meet our fans in person, we were able to reach out to them through our online concert, BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE.”

“We were also able to find time to reflect and collaborate among ourselves, preparing for an upcoming album for which our members have put in more creative input than ever before.”

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“We also released a new single that has been loved and enjoyed by our fans everywhere.”

“Dynamite is the joyful and energetic fruit of our struggles and a much-needed breakthrough that helped us to stop feeling disheartened.”

“The song is our message of hope, and we are lucky to share it with so many.”

“For BTS, our stories are our music. Our happiness lies in being able to sing and perform and our joy comes from our incredible fans, ARMY, who give us the extraordinary experience of sharing our stories with millions.”

“As seven individuals, stories have made our world. Now, as a group of seven, we tell our stories to the world as a message of comfort and hope. And we hope this message reaches you as well.”

Source: Vogue