Vogue introduces CL as the “Next Big Pop Supernova and the World’s ‘Baddest Female'”

Popular fashion magazine Vogue is the next publisher to rave about 2NE1’s CL, whose U.S debut has become highly anticipated by many including Blackjacks around the world.

In an article published on November 16th local time, the author describes CL as an artist who “(2NE1) focuse(s) on swagger, and in the process helped to usher in K-Pop’s hip-hop wave” unlike other girl groups in Korea who goes for the sweet and light feel.

Describing her as the most prominent member of 2NE1, rapper, singer, and songwriter CL has been signed by Scooter Braun, who founded acts such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, to follow her own solo career.

The author continues to write that CL is one of Asia’s biggest stars with over three million Instagram followers and that she wields her own influence wherever she goes whether it be the catwalk or donning major designs such as Moschino, usually favoring hip-hop or “absurdist” pieces and accessories. But no matter what she wears, CL’s look is always top notch.

The article is completed with, “With a rumored solo album scheduled to drop any minute now (as well as a possible reunion with 2NE1) and music insiders like Diplo and Katy Perry now singing her praises, there’s no better time to get to know this crossover star. Check out her most daring outfits to date—and find out why she has everyone buzzing.”

Meanwhile, it seems that CL will be dropping her new album this month.

Check out the full written article at Vogue!

Source: Vogue