More Voice Recordings From Song Ha Yea’s Agency CEO Confirm That Music Chart Manipulation Services Do Exist

K-Pop fans are now wondering how the CEO knows so much about the services.

Shortly after a Korean reporter Lee Jin Ho publicly shared his recorded phone conversations with Song Ha Yea‘s agency PLUSMedia Entertainment‘s CEO Lee Sung Kwon revealing how the CEO is actually “behind the exposé around Park Kyung‘s school bullying controversy“…

Song Ha Yea | @hayeasong/Instagram

… another video was uploaded to the reporter’s YouTube channel. In this video titled “[Exclusive] Block B‘s sajaegi? More From Song Ha Yea’s Agency CEO”, Lee Jin Ho revealed more recorded phone conversations with the CEO.

Block B | @blockb_official/Twitter

While ceaselessly insisting that sajaegi is “not real” and that his artist Song Ha Yea did not manipulate the charts…

Hear me out, okay? Korea is capable of taking down its own president for imprisonment… You know? So sajaegi is impossible. And to give you a clearer understanding, it doesn’t work for small agencies like mine. Realistically, there is no real way [for small agencies] to manipulate the charts.

— Lee Sung Kwon

… the CEO ironically claimed that Block B is actually “the first [in the industry] to pay for chart manipulation.” Additionally, against his own argument, the CEO continued to share detailed insider information about the existence of professional sajaegi companies…

… along with song titles and group names that have benefited from such services provided by the companies.

You know, the company (bleeped) is good at that… They’re the ones who pushed idols (bleeped) to #1 on charts. (Bleeped) was initially charting around 1,000. And then in only three days, they soared.

— Lee Sung Kwon

The CEO revealed, “Company (bleeped) and company (bleeped) used to work on (bleeped) together, like ‘Love, ing’ and ‘180 Degrees’ — but they split up after things went awry.”

Artist Ben who sang “180 Degrees” mentioned by the CEO. | Genie

According to the CEO, after the two companies went separate ways, one became a leading figure in the field.

Group (bleeped) was actually going to disband… but it was company (bleeped) that took over and put them on the charts. Since then (bleeped) has been working with singer (bleeped) too — and he made two songs on to the chart.

— Lee Sung Kwon

Most importantly, the CEO discussed the actual cost of hiring these services. He revealed, “Initially it takes ₩30,000,000 KRW ($26,286 USD) with 30% accumulating charges.” According to the recording, artists can pay an additional ₩20,000,000 KRW ($17,524 USD) to really secure a spot within the “Top 10“.

An alleged photograph of Song Ha Yea’s track being streamed on multiple accounts for chart manipulation. | SE Daily

Upon hearing the recordings, K-Pop fans only grow more curious over one thing. How does the CEO know so much about chart manipulation if, according to him, it doesn’t exist?

  • “The way he insists manipulation is impossible but then goes on to talk about the system in such detail… LMAO.”
  • “Listening to him makes me even more pissed off, LOL. He even knows about which idols did it. What a professional he must be in the field. Why aren’t we getting a real investigation over this?”
  • “At this point… This is pretty much his confession, no? He also talks about all the people who have been involved in sajaegi allegations, so… Haha.”


Lee Jin Ho announced that he will continue to look into the allegations. K-Pop fans are supportive of the reporter’s dedication to revealing the truth behind all chart manipulations — especially after Park Kyung’s trial concluded there is “no real evidence for chart manipulation” and he got fined for defamation instead.

Block B’s Park Kyung. | SE Daily

Watch the full video here:

Source: THEQOO