“Waikiki” Actor Son Seung Won Loses Appeal, Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison

He will spend 18 months in prison.

Following his appeal, actor Son Seung Won, who rose to fame in the dramas Hello My Twenties and Laughter in Waikiki, has been officially sentenced to 18 months in prison for his charges of drunk driving, driving without a license, and fleeing the scene.

He was originally sentenced to 18 months in prison back in April 2019, but filed an appeal, looking for a lighter sentence on the basis of reflection and suffering from unfavorable conditions.

Judge Han Jung Hoon, who presided over the jury, acknowledged that during the first trial, he was found guilt of reckless driving. However, in the appeal trial, this charge was changed to not guilty. In the end, Son Seung Won did have one charge removed from his case.

Ultimately, Han Jung Hoon decided to keep Son Seung Won’s 18 month prison sentence, and he explained why.

The court ruled that the charge from the first trial has been changed from guilty to not guilty. Son Seung Won has already reached an agreement with the victim from the accidents. Therefore, we will maintain the same ruling as the first trial.

— Han Jung Hoon

Son Seung Won was caught drunk driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.21% in August 2018. Just months later, he was caught again drunk driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.206%, after hitting a car, sending 2 people to the hospital with minor injuries. He tried to run away from the scene of the crime, but other cars blocked him from escaping.

Actor Son Seung Won Gets Into Car Accident Driving Under Influence Without License, Tries To Run Away


Source: Xportnews
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