Walmart Exposes Itself As A GOT7 Stan In Recent Tweets

Walmart responded to an Ahgase’s tweet!

Walmart just exposed itself as a fan of GOT7!

An Ahgase (fan of GOT7) posted a photo of a mobile phone on display at a Walmart, an American chain of stores. She revealed that she had previously set a photo of Yugyeom as the lock screen. Despite a significant amount of time passing, the lock screen had remained unchanged.

Walmart even replied, confirming to be Ahgase! The company made an obvious pun with GOT7’s song title “Just Right” and commented, “Why would we change it when it’s Just Right?!” 

Ahgases were pleasantly surprised by Walmart’s interaction. It looks like we have another verified stan!

Walmart has been revealing itself to be quite the K-Pop stan these days. Recently, the company tweeted a response in regards to McDonald’s BTS Meal.

Source: @YUGUYUM and Image (1), (2) and (3)