Hell’s Kitchen And 10+ Other “Verified Stans” Who Want A Taste Of McDonald’s “BTS Meal” 

UNO, Barbie, Samsung, and more are ready to hit the drive-thru.

McDonald’s upcoming collaboration with BTS, “The BTS Meal,” has sparked hilarious tweets, memes, and wildin’ interactions on Twitter. Naturally, BTS’s “business stans” didn’t want to miss out on the action! Here are 15 verified accounts that can’t wait to hit McDonald’s drive-thru!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

1. Hell’s Kitchen wants a taste of heaven.

2. Hop in! Waze is driving.

3. Guinness World Records is going on record as a true fan.

4. UNO isn’t playing games.

5. Semrush brought the receipts.

6. Barbie’s swerving out of her lane.

7. Entertainment Tonight is bringing the popcorn?

8. Bagel Bites stans OT7.

9. Deezer’s just keeping an eye on things…

10. …but Walmart’s all about the fries.

11. Hot Wheels is coming to a drive-thru near you.

12. Don’t toy with Sun-Maid’s emotions!

13. Samsung’s here to stan their brand ambassadors.

14. Got McMilk?

15. Mattel purples it.

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