Wanna One Estimated To Gross Over $70 Million In 1 Year And 6 Months

They’ve made a significant achievement in a short period of time.

Wanna One is expected to gross over 80 billion KRW ($70.8 million USD) by the end of this year, meaning each member would be left with an average of 100 million KRW ($88,500 USD).


According to numerous sources, Wanna One will have made at least 80 billion KRW ($70.8 million USD), maybe even 90 billion KRW ($79.6 million USD), by December 31st when the contract expires. The estimate includes the idol group’s last concert, which will be held in January.


With the net profit totaling approximately 44 billion KRW ($38.9 million USD), 25% would go to CJ ENM, 25% to Swing Entertainment and the remaining 50% to the respective agencies of the members. While the amount each member receives will depend on their contract, one member would receive approximately 100 million KRW ($88,500 USD) if they split the profits in half with their agency.


Meanwhile, there will also be members who earn much more than the estimated 100 million KRW ($88,500 USD) due to individual activities and more. In Kang Daniel‘s case, the profits earned from his individual CFs and advertisements will add to his earnings. With multiple products that he advertised rapidly being sold out, Kang Daniel has become a king of advertisements and he is estimated to be worth about 300 million KRW ($265,000 USD) for a 3-month contract and 100 million KRW ($88,500 USD) for a 1-year contract in the advertising field.


Another member who is expected to have greater earnings is Kim Jaehwan, who is the only Wanna One member without an agency. As a result, his earnings will add up to at least twice as much as the other members and is estimated to earn 2.2 billion KRW ($1.9 million USD).


While the official promotions of Wanna One come to an end on December 31st, the agencies and members will continue to receive their earnings throughout 2019. Meanwhile, each member will go their separate ways with some returning to their groups and others preparing for debuts after Wanna One’s disbandment.

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