(★BREAKING) Wanna One’s Agency Denies Yook Ji Dam Dated Kang Daniel

YMC Entertainment spoke up to clarify on Yook Ji Dam and Kasper’s claim about Kang Daniel.

Earlier, Yook Ji Dam claimed that she dated Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel through a series of bizarre Instagram posts. Even a mutual friend of the two, Kasper, confirmed the dating allegations to a certain extent.

Kang Daniel’s agency, YMC Entertainment responded to the allegations and completely denied them, claiming that they were false rumors. They announced that they will be taking swift legal action to anyone spreading false rumors regarding Kang Daniel.

“This official statement is in regards to the current issue involving one of our artists and the many fan posts about the issue at hand. Rumors that stem from alleged “past friendships” and other false allegations involving our artist will be swiftly dealt with legal action.”

YMC Entertainment

Kang Daniel’s agency didn’t name any specific person in their statement but it’s certain that it is regarding the dating rumors started by Yook Ji Dam and later fueled by Kasper’s additional comments.

Yook Ji Dam and Kasper’s agencies have not released any official statements regarding the dating allegations.

Source: TVing

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