Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon Is Gunning For The Title Of “King Of Aegyo” And He Totally Deserves It

His “aegyo” is sure to make your heart flutter!

Ha Sungwoon made a surprise appearance on the comedy show Gag Concert and made everyone’s heart flutter with his aegyo.


He participated in a parody skit of the film The Beauty Inside, where the lead character’s love interest changes his age, gender and nationality every day.


In the parody, Kang Yumi‘s husband continued to change his face into different characters such as the Kakao Friends character Neo.


…Until he became Ha Sungwoon!


Ha Sungwoon claimed to be Kang Yumi’s husband and began riling up the audience with his irresistible aegyo.


His version of the “meow” made his fans’ faces brighten up with smiles from ear to ear.


In fact, he was so good at the aegyo that it seems like nobody would be able to resist smiling after seeing iteven if they were very angry!


Kang Yumi was no exception and immediately fell for his charms.


He even gave the viewers a taste of his dancing skills to Wanna One’s “BOOMERANG”.


Ha Sungwoon’s sexy dancing skills combined with his irresistible aegyo is sure to make it any girl’s dream to have a husband just like him!


Try not to fall for Ha Sungwoon’s aegyo… but we doubt you’ll succeed!

Wanna One