Wanna One Kim Jaehwan’s Acoustic Version Of BTS “The Truth Untold” Is Going Viral

“His voice is an instrument too. I can’t believe he did that live with only a guitar.”

Wanna One’s Kim Jaehwan recently appeared on a live broadcast and shared his beautiful singing voice with the viewers of the show along with his friend, the guitar.


The talented idol showed off his brilliant guitar-playing skills, which was just as outstanding as his vocals, and sang numerous songs for his fans including Wanna One’s songs, Heize’s “Jenga”, Crush’s “Don’t Forget” and many more.


Moreover, viewers were able to feel his passion for music through the series of stories and comments he made throughout the video and were impressed with his humble and positive attitude.

  • “He speaks so kindly. He said he feels the need to work hard when he thinks about Wannables and says he’s going to live diligently and work hard. He said he’ll repay us through singing and guitar performances.”
  • “I could see why he calls his guitar his friend. I could also tell that music to Kim Jaehwan was like breathing and the one hour broadcast made me think he would really live his life for music.”
  • “Jaehwan has the sexiest mindset ever.”
  • “Jaehwan always speaks so kindly. It showed in the live broadcast. He’s such a wonderful person.”


What especially touched his viewers and netizens, however, was his version of BTS’ “The Truth Untold”, which he introduced as a song he liked very much.


After hearing the songs, Korean netizens were absolutely in love with Kim Jaehwan’s melodic voice.

  • “His voice is an instrument too. I can’t believe he did that live with only a guitar.”
  • “I’m completely mesmerized. His guitar skills are just as perfect as his vocal skills.”
  • “I haven’t been able to sleep for two days because of this live broadcast lol. His gentle speaking voice puts me to sleep and then his singing wakes me up lol. He really sings so well.”
  • “It’s so much better than the original song.”
  • “Kim Jaehwan is a wonderful speaker, singer and even guitarist he is truly the best! It’s even so so so cute that he calls himself Jjaeni<3!!!”


International netizens have also begun falling in love with Kim Jaehwan as the video began to spread through SNS channels. Even those who didn’t know who he was praised him for his excellent cover!


With talks of Wanna One’s promotion extension in progress, fans just hope that each of these talented members will be able to continue to share their amazing talents with the world!

Source: Pann Nate

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