Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Shocks Fans With His Kiss Scene With Angelababy In New Drama

He was only 15 when he debuted.

Former Wanna One‘s Lai Guanlin is all grown up! When he first entered the spotlight through Produce 101, he was a mere 15 years old.

Lai Kuanlin in Produce 101. | Mnet

Later on, he successfully made his debut with Wanna One later in the same year.

Wanna One. | Korea Times

Now, he’s all grown up! As he turns 21 this year, it’s only natural that he begins to take on more mature roles in dramas. While he won hearts in the high school romance A Little Thing Called First Love

…he finally takes on a more mature role in Love The Way You Are.

| iQiyi

Here, he tries to woo his childhood friend who is a good few years older than him. While she’s in her 30s, he’s in his 20s, freshly returned from college overseas. He seeks to pursue her romantically.

It looks like he succeeded! The two share a deep kiss.

| iQiyi

A sweet scene in the kitchen takes place as they kiss romantically.

| iQiyi

This is the first time that he is sharing such a deep kiss on screen.

| iQiyi

Fans are going crazy at how much he’s grown up.

Netizen reactions to Guanlin’s kiss scene. | theqoo
  • “Nooo Guanlin-ah LOL but a kid will still be a kid…”
  • “I was shocked at Kang Daniel’s kiss scene and now Guanlin too..”
  • “Guanlin doing a k…iss…scene….? Guess he’s not a baby.”
  • “No but already???”
  • “Guanlin???”
  • “Wow it’s been so long. Even hearing his name is awkward.”
  • “No, Guanlin…”

Looks like he’s still the baby maknae of Wanna One to fans.

Source: theqoo