(★TRENDING) WANNA ONE Manager Caught Violently Pushing Girls Into The Wall

While the push was a mighty one, fans aren’t too angry about why it happened.

Wanna One‘s manager is caught on video reacting violently to girls hovering over the boy group members, but the fans aren’t angry.

It seems the manager is trying to push away the group of girls following too closely. Fans believe these to be “Bootsoonies (붙순이, a type of sasaengs that focuses on getting physical with the boys by following them closely everywhere)”.


Since the recent “Sasaeng (사생, extreme and often violent fans)” incident, Wanna One fans have been vocal in requesting the managing agency to take some action against such “sasaengs” and protecting the boy group members.

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As the video of the manager using physical force to keep the ladies far away went viral, the response it received from Wanna One fans is more than supportive.


Wanna One isn’t the only group having to deal with “Sasaengs” crossing the line and violating privacy. Most K-Pop idol groups must deal with such harassment as almost a natural part of their careers.

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Wanna One fans are glad to see that some action, while physical and aggressive, has been taken to show that there is never room for “Sasaengs” where the boys go.

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