CJ ENM Confirms Wanna One Is In Positive Discussions For A Potential Reunion

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CJ ENM has confirmed Wanna One is in discussions for a potential reunion, with both albums and concerts a possibility.

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, Wanna One is currently in discussions over a possible reunion.

This is a discussion that is held every year ahead of the awards ceremony season, but this time, it’s a series of positive discussions and the discussions are active.

— Insider

These discussions are reportedly being held with CJ ENM from a variety of angles, from the possibility of a project album to even holding concerts, not simply having the members appear together on stage again. They are trying to coordinate around each members’ current activities, whether it be variety shows, acting, or their music promotions.

CJ ENM has since confirmed they have had positive discussions with all of the Wanna One members.

We are positively discussing various opportunities with all of the Wanna One members, from appearing at 2021 MAMA to concerts and albums.


The most important thing for the chances of a reunion is the members’ intentions. Several members have reportedly shared internally the idea that “if we are to reunite, lets do it the right way.” One key factor noted by JTBC would be Ong Seong Wu, who reportedly was cited as one of the reasons why a reunion did not occur in the past. I.O.I was able to reunite back in May 2021, so there is also the chance for Wanna One.

Source: JTBC and Joy News24

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