Wanna One Will Not Be Reuniting And Performing As A Group At The 2020 MAMA’s

An official from CJ E&M confirmed the news 😔

It’s recently been revealed that project boy group Wanna One will no longer be having a joint stage for Mnet‘s 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Previously, there were talks that the boy group could reunite for a possible collaborative stage for the annual music show, which naturally excited all their fans. However, an official from CJ E&M disclosed on November 20th that “we have decided to not proceed with the joint stage of Wanna One at the 2020 MAMA’s”. 

The official elaborated even further by stating:

We originally thought that it would be meaningful for Wanna One fans to see the group on one stage again since each member has been promoting diligently through their individual labels. However, after further discussion, we decided not to go forward.

— CJ E&M Official

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They concluded their message by sharing their support and encouragement for each of the members.

Mnet will always support the activities and futures of each Wanna One member.

— CJ E&M Official

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Wanna One gained immense popularity through season 2 of the Mnet’s audition program Produce 101 series. Forming in 2018, the trainees who made it into the group promoted as members of the boy group until January 2019. Since their disbandment, each member has been promoting under their respective labels. Fans have been hopeful that the members of the boy group would have a reunion in the future but it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Recently, the Produce series has been making headlines across every major news site due to the admittance of voter manipulation. It has also been further revealed that Wanna One was one of the groups that had been victimized by the voter fraud. With Wanna One being one of the groups in question, netizens are speculating that the reunion of the group may have been cancelled due to the immense criticism they’ve been facing.

| CJ E&M

While we may not be able to see the boys of Wanna One on stage for the 2020 MAMA’s, we hope that a reunion will be in the works for the future. Be sure to catch the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 6th.

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