Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Under Fire For Smoking And Spitting On The Streets

He issued an apology.

Former Wanna One‘s Lai Guanlin is now under fire for smoking and spitting on the streets. His actions were caught on camera unfortunately, then later uploaded onto social media. According to the social media post, the crux of the issue isn’t in the smoking, but lies in the fact that he spat out the residue after smoking, right onto the streets.

#Laiguanlinsmokingandspittingonthestreets# Lai Guanlin was filmed as he smoked and spat on the streets… netizens were saying how milk cartons became ash trays. But fans are quite woke though, they want him to go volunteer to clean the streets, even if they still quite like him.”

— Netizen

In the video uploaded, Lai Guanlin can be seen holding onto a cigarette or smoking device.

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As he is considered of age in China, that wasn’t the issue. Netizens noticed that perhaps as he may be new to the habit, he would often spit out the residue.

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In the same video, he was caught spitting twice, while walking alongside a friend.

Guanlin later on issued a public apology on his Weibo account.

I’m very sorry, as a public figure, I did not act with better constraint, and demonstrated the wrong behavior. I will accept everyone’s critic of me, learn from this, and will not repeat it again.

— Lai Guanlin

However, netizens replied to his apology with ire.

  • “Go sweep the streets, you”
  • “Can you be more ‘woke’? Get up early to go and sweep the streets. I think you need some of the cold wind to wake you up.”
  • “Go and volunteer for some labor, got it?”

Lai Guanlin’s agency has not further spoken up on the matter.

Source: Weibo and Weibo

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