Wanna One’s Dance Practice Video For “Wanna Be” Released Four Years After The Song Debuted

Better late than never!

Wannables received a huge shock when the dance practice video for “Wanna Be” was suddenly released. As the song originally hit the stage in 2017, this video comes 4 years late. “Wanna Be” was part of Wanna One‘s debut EP, 1X1=1 (To Be One). The song was a much-loved B-side with its cheerful melody and bubbly choreography.

Fans were understandably shocked, with multiple comments on the video such as “omg I’m crying” and “what is this sudden lightning strike…

The group bid a tearful goodbye to fans with their disbandment in 2019. Wanna One had debuted in 2017, as a temporary project group, after winning the second season of Produce 101.

While no one knows exactly why the video was released, no one’s complaining! Take a watch at the nostalgic and heart-warming video below.

Wanna One