Former Wanna One Yoon Jisung’s Family Portrait Will Have You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter

This is not one normal family!

You’ve not seen family portraits until you’ve seen the one by former Wanna One‘s Yoon Jisung! As he is known for his hilarious and savage personality, it does not come as a surprise that his family is out of this world as well.

| @hwangeulen/Twitter

In a recent online fanmeeting, not only did the boys of Wanna One send in a video greeting, Jisung revealed his family portrait.

| theqoo

From the oddly eccentric CG effect, to their family puppy looming over them, and to the way all family members were dressed in black with sunglasses perched comically on their noses – we’ve not seen a more perfect photo.

This isn’t the first time his family has brought laughter to the fans. His sister, Seulki, is known for her comic candidness in interaction with Jisung. Check out more of their interactions below.

Source: theqoo

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