Warner Music Shared A Tweet About GOT7’s “ENCORE” Teaser And Fans Are Not Okay

What does this mean?!

It has only been a few weeks since the news of GOT7‘s departure from their former label, JYP Entertainment, but it looks like the boys are making big moves.

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Just moments ago, Warner Music SG uploaded a tweet about the boy group’s “ENCORE” music video teaser on their official Twitter account. They asked GOT7 fans if they were ready for their upcoming release. The cryptic tweet came with a specific date and time, letting all iGOT7s know that something big is coming on February 20th, at 5PM SGT.

To add onto the chaos, the official YouTube channel for Warner Music Korea uploaded the boy group’s “ENCORE” music video teaser as well.

| @Warner Music Korea/YouTube

Naturally, these posts created waves of speculations that GOT7 signed with Warner Music Korea for their group activities. Fans have been going absolutely bonkers with these uploads by Warner Music Korea. Here are some of their reactions. Firstly, we have this particular fan relaying her gratitude to Warner Music for giving the boys a new platform.

| @Maruparkgae/Twitter

This next fan wanted concrete clarification in the midst of the exciting teasers and uploads.

| @BusanNaega_/Twitter

Here is a fan who portrayed the very accurate emotions that every iGOT7 is going through right now. With a hilarious, but appropriate meme, this is what they had to say.

| @jinsmoons_/Twitter

Lastly, we have a gentle-hearted iGOT7 who wants an official statement released before their hopes go up.

| @ManishaGogoi24/Twitter

With the release of these teasers on Warner Music Korea’s official accounts, it’s no brainer that the boys of GOT7 are affiliated with the entertainment powerhouse in some way. Nothing has been officially confirmed, however, so now it’s a waiting game.

| @GOT7Official/Twitter

In the meantime, check out the “ENCORE” music video teaser released by Warner Music Korea down below!


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