Wavve To Launch South Korea’s First Ever LGBTQ+ Romance Reality Shows

Wavve is leading the charge.

OTT company Wavve will be launching South Korea’s first ever LGBTQ+ romance reality show in July.

According to Wavve’s press release to Newsen, they will be launching two reality programs centered around the LGBTQ+ community starting in July. The two shows, titled Merry Queer and Stranger’s Love, will both show relationships of those who do not identify as heterosexual.

Merry Queer will be the first coming-out reality show in Korea and will showcase the challenges that couples in the LGBTQ+ community face as they search for a strong relationship and marriage.

Stranger’s Love will be the first reality show for men looking for a relationship with other men. These honest and bold men will move into the house of another man to check out each other’s honest feelings.

We will introduce Merry Queer, the first coming-out romance reality in Korea and Stranger’s Love, a reality for male relationships, in July.

It will not only be fresh but also be extremely fun, we are going to discuss and showcase social issues that we want the viewers to seriously think about and sympathize with.

— Wavve

Source: Newsen