3 Ways Aespa Could Improve Following Yoo Young Jin’s Exit From SM Entertainment, According To Fans

“Wonderful news for Ningning and Giselle fans.”

Earlier today, it was reported that Yoo Young Jin, an iconic producer that has worked with many SM Entertainment groups through multiple generations, will leave the company. This news shocked the K-Pop world, though it had already been warned by the producer following the feud between Lee Soo Man and the current SM directors. Though many are upset that the producer is leaving, some seem hopeful that this leave will mean better things for their favorite groups.

Aespa‘s fanbase, in particular, seems the one with the most positive reaction to Yoo Young Jin’s resignation. Despite the producer having worked on the majority of aespa’s songs, MYs believe that the future looks brighter for the group with Yoo out of the picture. Here are three aspects that aespa could massively improve in following Yoo’s exit, according to fans.

1. Line Distribution

One of the main complaints aespa’s fans have had regarding the music aspect of the group’s comebacks is the “unfair line distribution.” With each comeback, fans have complained about the line distribution between the members being unfair, even though the group has only four members.

According to MYs, Giselle and Ningning are the two members that always get the short stick and have much fewer lines than the two Korean members, Karina and Winter.

With Yoo Young Jin being the “main man” of aespa’s discography behind the scenes, many have blamed him for the unfair treatment. Some fans have even accused Yoo of xenophobia, claiming it to be the reason why the non-Korean members have fewer lines.

Yoo’s dominance on aespa’s discography ending means there is a chance for producers to start considering giving the other two members more opportunities, according to MYs — making this a fresh start for all four members. However, some remain skeptical.

2. Music Direction

While aespa’s music has been generally well received by the public and their fans, their last album — released all the way back in July of last year — caused some negative reactions. The title track, “Girls,” wasn’t as well received as expected, which caused doubt to start building among fans on Yoo Young Jin’s abilities.

In the past, their more successful songs have also been critiqued for being too “noisy” and “experimental.” Now that the main producer for the group is leaving, fans believe this could be an opportunity for aespa’s overall sound to change for the better.

Fans seem to also have disliked the cameos Yoo would make in some of the songs he produced, with many celebrating the end of his hidden adlibs in the group’s tracks.

3. Lyrics

Perhaps one of the biggest critiques aespa has faced in relation to their music over time has been their lyrics. This criticism has come from both Korean and international netizens, with many calling their songs’ lyrics “goofy” and “cringe.”

Since Yoo Young Jin has been credited for the majority of aespa’s title track lyrics, from “Black Mamba” to “Girls,” fans hope that the group’s lyrics could also improve following his leave.

Despite the general positive feeling among MYs, there are some fans who aren’t sure if this news is worth celebrating. According to them, the new era of aespa could go wrong too, with the group losing their sound and essence.


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