WayV’s Hendery Cracks A Joke About SM Entertainment’s Current Situation During A Video Call Fansign

We live for his chaotic energy.

The current situation that SM Entertainment is facing is troubling not only to fans, but to the working staff. Of course, this includes the artists, who are undoubtedly key workers in the company. While some artists have been minimizing mention of the company in public spaces…

SM Artists Minimize Mentioning Agency During Acceptance Speeches Due To Recent Controversy

…others like Super Junior don’t hold back in subtly referencing the situation through humor.

The next one to join the line of brave stars is WayV‘s Hendery. During a recent videocall fansign with a fan, he casually brought in the company’s busy situation while chatting.

The fan had asked him to say something encouraging to her, as she had been experiencing a busy period at work. He unexpectedly took the chance to shade his company subtly.

  • Hendery: “Fighting! Fighting! Uh, you’re busy at work…it’s okay! Our company is busy too!”
  • Fan: “What are you guys busy with!!”
  • Both: [laughs]
  • Hendery: “Umm…[nods]”

Fans have been loving how real he was.

Definitely one of the spicier stars out there! SM Entertainment is undergoing huge internal changes as they deal with new management following HYBE‘s acquisition of its shares.


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