WayV’s Lucas Cancels All Plans To Return To China, WayV’s Promotional Plans Halted

Plans were cancelled.

Sports Kyunghyang has confirmed that WayV‘s Lucas has cancelled his plans to leave Korea for China. He was initially set to leave for Shanghai on September 10 at 1:55PM KST for his solo promotional activities but has cancelled his flight.

In addition, it was originally planned for WayV to go to China for promotions in October, but these plans have been halted as well. The reports claim that they have not decided on their new plans for when the group will return to China. This is not the first time a wrench has been thrown into the works for WayV, with Lucas and Hendery‘s unit single release being cancelled.

These reports of Lucas’ cancelled flights come during a time where he is embroiled in a series of gaslighting and cheating accusations from fans. He has since apologized for his actions and SM Entertainment issued an official statement to address the matter as well. Read more about them below.

Source: Sports KH