Here’s What Koreans Think About WayV Lucas’ Potential Comeback

They’re not happy.

The new CEO of SM Entertainment, Chris Lee, recently posted a photograph with WayV‘s Lucas on his social media. The photo, his sole one with an artist, and Lucas’ Instagram update with a dance practice video sparked fans’ anticipation. Fans began to get excited about a potential comeback for him.

While some international fans are excited about the possible return, Korean fans of the group seem firm against it. They find it hard to forgive and forget about his past actions.

| Nate Pann

One comment even mentioned Lucas allegedly buying a kitten for a girl before getting rejected. The kitten was later allegedly taken care of by WinWin.

  • “Why did you leave this out? He bought a kitten for his girl but got rejected and threw it to WinWin. It’s legendary.”
  • [WinWin: “I bought cat products at a cat store!”]
  • “He’s really… He even badmouthed his fellow members behind their backs, so that’s why Korean fans turned their backs on him. It’s been a long time since he’s been left alone, and even the Chinese Bars (fansites) all blew up, so just how are they going to bring him back? Fans will just get mad and it’ll be another obstacle for new fans to join. I think it’s because of SuperM, but if SuperM is gunning for Billboard, is it really right to include him? I don’t get it.”
  • “I went to see the post and the number of likes were shocking… Should I say that the expressions on the faces of the CEO and Lucas gave me the creeps? Like no matter what you guys do, it won’t matter… That sorta… And how are the number of likes possible? Just how many i-Roaches are there?”

Lucas was previously put on an indefinite hiatus after a scandal broke out where he was accused of gaslighting and cheating on various women.

WayV’s Lucas Caught Up In Gaslighting Dating Scandal


Source: Nate Pann