WayV Fans Call For SM Entertainment To #ProtectWayV From Sasaengs

They are calling for WayV’s agency to protect the group from stalkers.

Fans are calling for SM Entertainment to take action, following an incident with sasaengs (stalker fans) at WayV‘s filming site.

| SM Entertainment

On a snowy day, sasaengs braved the weather to follow WayV to an undisclosed schedule and snap photos. In response, WayV took photos of the sasaengs and posted messages on Dear. U Bubble to express their frustration.

| Lysn

everyone, we are currently in the midst of filming but some of such people have come and the weather is also like this so why… this is so ridiculous, really. I’m so angry. But I’m sorry everyone, for suddenly being like this.

— Lucas

Now, outraged fans are trending the hashtag #ProtectWayV on Twitter to draw attention to the issue. Many feel that WayV’s agency is not doing enough to protect the group from invasive “fans” who repeatedly cross the line.

NCTzens and WayZenNis are also reminding their fellow fans to respect the members’ privacy and human rights at all times.